Warranty Information
SmartCrown ™ F- Ca2+
With Fluoride
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World‘s Only Caries Inhibiting & Remineralizing Crown

Origin® SmartCrown Authentication & Warranty

The Authentication Certificates assures the dentist and

patient that the crown is a genuine Origin SmartCrown

manufactured with approved materials and correct

procedures by authorized dental technicians.


The authentication process enables the warranty

as outlined below:

  • The lab receives the lab slip from the Dentist & enters
    the Patient information on the internet or from their
    smart device. The lab keeps their sticker copy and sends
    the Dentist & Patient copies with the case.

  • The dental practice:
    • activates the Origin SmartCrown warranty by scanning the QR code after confirming the patient information.
    • affixes the ‘Dentist Copy’ to the patient’s file
    • provides the patient with their warranty card with the ‘Patient Copy’ already attached.

  • The patient receives a brief explanation of the warranty with the card. More details are on the website which is listed on their card.


Patient’s 5-year warranty coverage

  • B&D Dental will make crowns at no charge if the adjacent tooth develops new interproximal caries in direct contact with the Origin SmartCrown within the next 5 years.

  • Dentist must provide x-rays from both the placement or the associated exam date and the date when the adjacent crown is deemed necessary due to the newly developed interproximal caries.

  • Patients must visit their Dentist annually.